Liberty Productions Showcase - Johann van Tonder

Any person, model, potential model, valentine gift seeker or wanting photos and or videos done for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Bebo, YouTube, your portfolio or just for your own photo album please feel free to contact Johann via e-mail at

"Don't Forget to Remember, memories forever"

Models: Wanting to do a portfolio or update.

Potential Models: If you think or wonder if you've got what it takes, let's do a test photo shoot and see. To be a photographic model height is not an issue and you.

Valentine gift seekers: Girls, fiancés, and wifes wanting to do and give their guys a photo album or photo frame gift, or guys wanting to give their girls, fiancés, and wife's a photo shoot gift.

facebook, Twitter, Bebo, YouTube: Any person wanting to do "interesting or way out" photos edited in PhotoShop for your profile.

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